Five Minute Friday: VIEW

So I’m sitting at my son’s ball game tonight when AKAJaneRandom texts me about Five Minute Friday.

This, by the way, was my view at the time.


Got home late, got kids in the bed (late), read to them two chapters of Kingdom Keepers II (the serial that we’re reading), grabbed the iPad and gave the Five Minute Friday Party #FMFParty on Twitter a whirl.

The writing prompt for tonight was the word VIEW, to which the immediate thing that came to mind was the view of the sun rising in Haleakala, Hawaii. I had the pleasure of going there with John several years ago, and we drove up to the top of the volcano in the middle of the night to watch the sunrise. It was one of the most glorious and incredible VIEWs I’ve ever seen, before or since. Pictures don’t do it justice. But then most of the best views really are better in person, aren’t they?

P.S. So writing that took five minutes but digging up the photos I wanted to use and adding links took like an 15 extra minutes so this was more like a 20 minute Friday.

Oh, and adding this P.S. just took up another minute, so make that 21. :)


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