Five Minute Friday: IMAGINE

It’s not Friday.

It’s Sunday afternoon.

I had every intention of tuning into the #fmfparty Thursday after workout class and after ball and after the boys were in bed. But I forgot. I think I got engrossed in a book, or maybe an episode of Law & Order Special Victims, and it totally slipped my mind.

IMAGINE that, me being forgetful.

One of the things I do best these days is forget.

I forget to pick up cheese at the grocery store, or get gas on the way home or to get the wet pool towels out of the back of the car.

I use lists to help me remember but sometimes I even forget the things that need to be added to the lists.

If it weren’t for my calendars I’d never be at all the places I need to be.

I even recently put in my calendar the date my friend’s baby was due … so I wouldn’t forget.

I sometimes enlist my kids to help me with my forgetfulness. I asked Finn this morning to remind me later today to vacuum a certain part of the house.

So on that note, my five minutes are up.

I should go vacuum.

Before I forget.


2 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: IMAGINE

  1. Welcome to the Sunday afternoon crew! When I actually do remember that it’s Thursday and it’s Five Minute Friday, I’m usually too tired to stay awake for the prompt; I’ll journal it on Friday mornings (at least try to) and then at some point I (might) make it on a computer and actually post and link up. Oh, yes; I understand where you are; just yesterday I forgot (about 3 times) that I was supposed to get a lyre (spelling?) it is used to hold music on an instrument for marching band (today was the parade) for my youngest. We made it to the music store with 15 minutes to spare after his baseball game. Glad to know there’s more like me, who forget to put things on the list; yes, just imagine if we weren’t so forgetful.

  2. I am also a Sunday writer of Five Minute Fridays! And I could completely relate. I swear I used to be able to remember things, and now I forget the most ridiculously silly of things. I had spaghetti sauce in my crockpot for half the day when I remembered I forgot to add the garlic! I try to tell myself this is just a part of this season of life, of raising little ones and balancing life. I hope some day I remember things again! :) Great take on the word!

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