Memorable Eats

Week fourteen in the Rocket City Bloggers year long blogging challenge: What is the most memorable meal you’ve ever had?


Clockwise: Grille 29 bananas foster, spaghetti at a little hole in the wall Italian place on Kauai, watermelon at my friend’s son’s baptism, my first Nicaraguan meal.

Food is such an integral part of the human experience that the thought process of narrowing down just one “most memorable meal” produces lots of memories of meals-gone-by.

For the food alone, there’s The Melting Pot at which I loved every course and the time we ate at Grille 29 and the fantabulous bananas foster dessert was over the top!

But not every food-related memory is about the food itself. Like, there was the time we ate hot dogs in the rain at Disney World, which is memorable not for the hot dogs but for the torrential downpour and huddling a family of four under one table umbrella trying to keep the kids completely try and the adults as dry as possible.

Which reminds me of Corn Dog 7 at the mall food court when I was a kid. I loved getting corn dogs at the mall, and for a time they had funnel cakes too.

Which reminds me of my most memorable funnel cake, a few years ago at Oktoberfest. I’d only ever seen funnel cakes topped with powdered sugar, but this carnival food stand added things like chocolate syrup or butterscotch, which were memorably yum.

The meal on my honeymoon that cost more than $100 for two.

The first time I ate with chopsticks at Nothing But Noodles.

Taking my sons to Olive Garden for Mother’s Day, memorable for all the whining about the two-hour wait followed by praising how much they loved it and thanking for me taking us there.

So, back to where I started, food is such an integral part of the human experience that it’s inseparably wrapped up into the experience itself, such that my most memorable meals aren’t necessarily about the food itself but the experience as a whole.

The good, the bad, and the food we eat in between — “It’s all part of the experience.”



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