The Worst S’mores Ever


We’re at a campground (more on that in a future post), and I wanted us to experience making s’mores. The campground is under a burn ban so no wood fires, not that I know how to do one anyway but I was gonna try.

I asked someone if we could roast marshmallows over a charcoal grill, which the camp will let us do, but I’d need to let all the lighter fluid burn off of the charcoal first, they said. Huh? This is not my element.

So, if all I needed to do is set the marshmallow on fire, why not just use a regular lighter to do that I wondered.

So that’s what we tried. The boys were such troopers with their camping-challenged mom sitting on the front porch of our one-room shack cabin setting marshmallows on fire.

Caden took a bite, said he didn’t like it and asked if he could have the Hershey bar only. Sure.

Finn ate his first one (kinda; the marshmallow fell out), came back for a second but ended up tossing the graham cracker and eating just the innards.

Oh well. We tried.

Worst s’mores ever.


One thought on “The Worst S’mores Ever

  1. I just made my first s’more ever about three weeks ago over a propane grill flame. It was terrible. I made s’mores under the broiler Saturday night and they were PERFECTION. Me and the indoor appliances: We’re tight. (I’m with Caden, though: Just hand over the Hershey bar.)

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