Being a Better Steward

Lately I’ve been convicted about being a better steward in several areas of my life.

One of those is with money. I do a horrible  job of keeping up with what’s coming in and what’s going out and what’s due when, and I’m long overdue for getting this better under control. I used to keep detailed records and budgets, and somewhere along they way that got lost in the shuffle and I’ve just never got it back. So, my plan which I’ve already started implementing is to use Quicken on the Macbook to keep up with checking accounts and expenses, and using free budgeting tools from Dave Ramsey to plan a budget I can stick with.

Another area to be better steward is with my home. There are areas and rooms in my home that are just, for lack of a better term, junky. I tend to be a clutter bug and a procrastinator, both of which can lead to many organized piles of various things that I rarely get back to. So, I’ve started clearing things out that need to go (i.e. in the trash or be donated) and putting things back where they go, like a stack of winter coats that were in a corner of my bedroom back into the coat closet, or a stack of books that were in the bedroom floor back onto the bookshelves in the dining room, etc.

And the final area to be a better steward is with my time. This one may prove to be the toughest to change. I waste a lot of time doing worthless things, and I put off and delay doing the essential things. I’ve struggled some with depression the last few years which often results in my lying in bed too much, especially in the morning, waiting til the last possible minute to jump up and run around like a mad woman getting ready for the day. That doesn’t leave any time for spending with God and reading my Bible in the morning, it sets the pace from the start for a hectic, harried day, and negatively affects my boys’ day’s too, getting their day’s started with a crazy running-late mom. I also put off  things like hanging the laundry as soon as its dry which means the clothes wrinkle and I end up tumbling them several times in the dryer before I actually make the time to hang them up. I leave laundry sitting in baskets and delay folding them as long as possible. I leave dishes in the dishwasher for days. We’re only given so much time and I waste a lot of mine. It’s time I make better use of the time I’m given.

How about you? In what ways could you be a better steward?


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