Tennessee Valley Fibers

I love yarn and I love bookstores (especially used ones), so there’s no better locally-opened shop for me to stumble upon while out of town than a yarn store that’s also a bookstore.



So just what and where is this Heatheriffic find?

Well, it’s Tennessee Valley Fibers is in downtown Chattanooga, walking distance from the Chattanooga Aquarium and next door to Sticky Fingers restaurant. Actual address: 410 Broad Street, Chattanooga.

If you go: Three-fourths of the store is books so come prepared to spend time perusing the aisles and shelves. It’s an eclectic mix of old and recent.

The yarn selection is eclectic too. This is not your traditional craft store yarn. Store owner Polly Henry likes to blend unique yarns — fun furs and sequins and yarns made of alpaca or paper. She bundles her own mixes and sells them by the ounce — which is sometimes still cheaper than store brands but even if it costs a little more her bundles are better — and she will help you find your own unique combinations. She has scarfs and other knitted items ready to purchase too. She will even show you how to do a certain stitch or pattern if you hang out long enough.




So yarn and books is my perfect combination, what’s yours??


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