Piggly Wiggly T-Shirts

Until a week ago I didn’t even know that Piggly Wiggly T-shirts were a thing.

It started with this tweet from AKAJaneRandom


Then a few days later, a friend who recently moved across the pond, posts on Facebook


At this point, I’m like Really? What is it that my friends are wearing grocery store t-shirts? And not just any grocery store, but the Piggly Wiggly, which let’s just call it what it is — a grocery store for country folk way out in the sticks.

I wondered about this aloud (on twitter, of course) and a friend from church tweets back, “Have you seen the picture of Pastor Steve wearing a Piggly Wiggly shirt in Nicaragua?”

LOL. No, I had not, but again, Really? Now my Pastor is wearing a shirt from the Pig in a whole other country even? What makes one think, when packing for a mission trip to Central America, “I think I’ll take my Piggly Wiggly t-shirt”? I mean, if the Englishman couldn’t figure it out, what hope can Spanish-speaking third world citizens have?

bro steve piggly wiggly shirt

Pastor Steve wearing a Piggly Wiggly shirt in Nicaragua

I’m told that they sell them at the Pig out near me.

They also sell them at pigglywiggly.com.

Who knew? Not me.

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