Rembrandt’s Chattanooga

I had the great pleasure of hanging out in Chattanooga recently with two of my good friends. We were in town for a two-day conference but stayed over an extra day just to enjoy each other and the city — to indulge in one more day kid-free and just us girls.

One of the things we did was visit Rembrandt’s Coffee House in Chattanooga’s Bluff View Art District.

The art district is a very cute historic-looking area with several bakeries and restaurants to choose from. It looks much older than it actually is with much of what’s there only having opened since the mid ’90s (Rembrandt’s opened in ’94).

It’s near the river with great views of the water and a nearby sculpture garden too.


Me and Stephanie at the bakery case


Panoramic view of inside Rembrandt’s


The courtyard is quaint yet gorgeous with a very “old town” feel


Yum! Look at what we sampled. Coffees and pastries!


Lots of chocolate-y things in the pastry case


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