Pick Your Parenting Battles


Here’s the deal:

Finn is 10 and is starting to eat larger meals.

Which come with larger drinks.

Which make 7-year-old Caden jealous.

“Why can’t I have a large drink like Finn,” he whines.

I explain it to him, but he doesn’t care.

I don’t even think he’s listening.

So because I don’t care what size cup I drink out of, I give him my large cup.

I drink out of the kid’s cup.

Which means I refill my kid’s-size cup about four times during my meal to drink the amount that I want.

Now, I could “be the parent” and enforce that each of us get the cup that came with our meals.

Which means I get the big cup and he gets the small cup.

I’ve done that before.

Sometimes I’m just not in the mood to deal with “that’s not fair,” and with no explanation necessary I put down my foot.

“This is the cup you get it. If you’re thirsty you’ll drink from it.”

I can be and sometimes am that mom.

But sometimes, I pick my parenting battles.

Sometimes I give him my big cup.

And let him feel big like his brother.

And let him flash a smile of gratitude at me and say “thanks, mom” when I tell him that I’ve let him have my big cup and I’m using his smaller one.

After all, it’s one cup at one meal.

So am I a parenting push-over or did I just do for my son a nice thing?


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