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So AKAJaneRandom and I take off for the Allume conference in Greenville, South Carolina last week (more on the conference in a future post), and the Garmin tells us to take some crazy Alabama roads and some crazy Georgia roads on our way to Atlanta, where we can hit interstate the rest of the way.

Ok, so we do what the GPS says.

And at some point we get kinda lost and turn around a few times before ditching the Garmin and asking the iPhone.

(The iPhone, by the way, got it right.)

But, in the midst of being lost was a silver lining, a hidden gem.

We passed this quirky little shop on the side of the road and I commented — “Ooh, that looks like a neat place to shop.”

AKAJaneRandom agreed.

Then the GPS made us turn around so that we were going to pass the shop again and I said, “So, um, seeing as we had to turn around and how we have time … can we go in that little shop??”

So we did and it was one of the cutest, funnest, prettiest, bizarrest little holes in the wall you’ll ever see.

Hopefully you can see in the photo above some of the electic recycled nature of their pieces — an old truck tail gate as the back of a bench, painted hubcaps and tire rims, old license plates and skateboards.

Inside was just as electic with lots of painted furniture pieces, scrap fabrics made into cute purses and skirts, and combined with buttons and other accessories to make all kinds of home decor and wearables.

To find it — well, you’ll need to start in north Alabama and put Greenville in the GPS and see where it takes you.

Just kidding. There’s a simpler way.

It’s located in Cartersville, Georgia. Best way to find them from where you are is check out their website,

They’re on Facebook too.

Also, if you’re a Foursquare user, check in and April will give you ten percent off!



Sew Knot Serious owner April

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