Green Christmas Cards


Ah, Christmas cards.

It’s that time of year again.

In the past I’ve written a Christmas letter telling all about our previous year, or sent photos of the boys in Santa hats, or sent just plain ol’ traditional cards with a nativity and a verse from Luke chapter 2.

One year I mailed no cards at all and sent Christmas wishes via Facebook.

The list of people I mail cards to has kinda shrunk over the years, as I stay more in touch with folks via social media and only mail cards to those who live states away or who aren’t on social media.

This year, though, I’m SUPER excited about my cards.

I ordered them from St. Jude’s Ranch Recycled Card Program, which takes used cards and turns them into new. The old cards are re-made by young people at the ranch.

St. Jude’s Ranch is not affilated with St. Jude’s Children Hospital, for children with cancer. This is St. Jude’s Ranch for Children, a program that works with abused, abandoned, neglected or homeless children, teens and families. Read their about page here.

Earlier this year I mailed to the ranch used Christmas and birthday cards from years past, and this week I received an order of Christmas cards to send out this year. I wondered if any of the ones I sent in made it back to me in my packets of re-made cards.

The fronts of the old Christmas cards are cut to size and glued to the front of a new, blank card. The back of the card says it was made at St. Jude’s Ranch and it’s signed by the person who made it.

How special is that?

It’s probably not too late for you to order your Christmas cards for this year from St. Jude’s, if you’re looking for cards and want to do something a little different.

They also sell packages of cards for birthdays, thank you, all occasion, etc.

And of course after the holidays when you’re looking for what to do with all the Christmas cards you received, consider donating them to St. Jude’s.

All the info to order or donate can be found here.


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