Blog Where You Are: Huntsville Havoc Hockey


Professional hockey came to Huntsville when I was just a teenager. I remember it well, actually, because there was a contest to name the team and I submitted what I thought was the best idea.

But my idea wasn’t chosen.

My idea? The Huntsville Huskies. The alliteration of the H’s, huskies in cold weather, great mascot potential.

The name chosen? The Huntsville Channel Cats. At the time I was like huh? But turns out it’s a kind of catfish around here. Ok.

Those early seasons people threw fish on the ice from the stands. I didn’t ever see it but I heard about it. I’ve sometimes wondered if it’s true. But they announce before games “no throwing things on the ice” so maybe there’s something to it.

I still have a Channel Cats t-shirt from back then.

They’re not the Channel Cats anymore though. (The whole story about that is told pretty well on Wikipedia.) For about a decade now they’ve been the Huntsville Havoc. I get behind the name but I’m still kinda partial to Huskies, myself. Especially since the Havoc mascot kinda looks like a husky dog.

We call ourselves the Hockey Capital of the South, which I always thought was a pretty cool moniker for my city. In addition to pro hockey we also have the UAH Chargers hockey, where I spent many a date or night out with friends in high school and college.

The boys and I take in a hockey game every now and then — like we did tonight — and enjoy the live action sport and of course the fights. Tonight was particularly fight-heavy which adds to the excitement. After one fight just now Finn said “He went all WWE on him!” LOL!

I had an awesome shirt in college (may still have it somewhere actually) that said “Give blood, play hockey.” Although only once have I seen blood in hockey, and I think the guy must have lost some teeth too. He hit his face on the ice. The blood froze and the ref came along and just skated over it, chopped it up, and pushed it over to the side with his skates. I remember thinking how strange.

Oh, and I still think they should be called the Huskies. :-)


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