The Next Generation of Basketball


I kinda knew when I moved the boys to my alma mater that they’d have some classmates whose parents I knew from my own years at the school.

I couldn’t really anticipate what that would really be like though.

I’ve had a few awkward moments where so-and-so was popular in high school and I wasn’t in their “circle of influence” so I let myself feel inferior. For a minute. And then I’m like, um, hello, this ain’t high school anymore, why am I letting myself feel this way?

So there’s that.

But it never occurred to me that the high school basketball stars would be my sons’ coaches.

Those two guys above were several years ahead of me in school, so they weren’t people I actually “knew” but more people I “knew of.”

Today, they’re Coach Aaron and Coach Daniel, but more than that — when I showed these pictures to the boys — they’re Carter’s dad and Grant’s dad, and while I had the yearbook out I showed them a few others pictures and it was the same — that’s Lawson’s dad and there’s Henry’s dad.

I was a little “star struck” at first, at some of these former players now being every day, normal people  in my life. They had a certain untouchable, popular and cool aura left over from high school.

But they’re just regular folks — just coach or just so-and-so’s dad, and I’m just Finn and Caden’s mom.

Really does show just how stupid the whole caste system in high school is, and how the things we spend all of our time worrying about in high school (popularity, looks, etc.) amount to nothing later in life, when playing fields get leveled.


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