Blog Where You Are: at the Hospital with my Son


This post isn’t about the shunt they placed in my baby’s head as an infant or the replacement shunt they put in this week.

This is about one of the worst feelings ever, and that is the helplessness of being at your child’s bedside when he’s sick and being unable to fix it, even just a little.

Two nights ago he was in pain and vomiting in the middle of the night, and all I could do was lie at the foot of his bed and pray for healing.

It reminded me of parents in the Bible leaving their child’s bedside to run to Jesus to ask him to heal their sick child. I was doing that same thing, begging God to make him feel well because whatever was going on that was making him sick was beyond my abilities to fix.

I laid at my child’s feet and prayed to God and felt akin to those parents from Jesus time. Except one difference — I had/have the Holy Spirit that allowed me to simultaneously run to Jesus while never leaving my child’s side.

Jesus called the Holy Spirit a Comforter, and it was to me at that moment a great comfort, just to know I could talk to my God right then and there and pray for healing.

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