Blog Where You Are: The Beach

I needed this.



Sand and waves.

And this.


Nowhere to have to be.

No boys arguing.

At least if they’re arguing I’m too far away to hear.


Toes in the sand, nose in a book.

It’s been a crazy stressful couple of weeks months.

Some said the impromptu “let’s go to the beach this weekend” was crazy, but that’s nothing compared to the craziness of the last few months. New job. Boys’ school work. The book is out and all that that entails. Crazy would have been staying home. The most sane thing was to recognize I needed a break and to take one.

So we here we are. The six hour drive and the “are we there yet’s” was worth it.

I wish I could bottle this. People have tried. But no CD of ocean sounds or beach-scented candle can compare to this.

It’s sound. Waves crashing, kinda rhythmically but mostly at random.

It’s smell. Salt and water and sunscreen.

It’s sight. Blue green water. White sand. Lots of people but the only two I see are my sons, bobbing bravely in the waves, smiling and laughing.

It’s touch. Cool, gritty sand under my feet. Cool breeze on my skin.

It’s even taste. You can taste the salt in the air.

Right now, for me, it’s a balm to this weary soul.

Who needs chicken soup (for the soul). I’ll take an ocean instead.




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