Meeting Astros at Spacefest VI


I went to Spacefest VI in May to promote Bold They Rise. Our publisher, the University of Nebraska Press, had organized to have many of the series authors at the event to speak on the series and to be available for book signings.

Our talk was early on the first day of the conference, and a handful of folks came. It was actually great, in my opinion, to have a smaller more intimate audience; it allowed us to make it more of a conversation and less “lecture.”

I was very, VERY fortunate that my friend Andrea went with me on the trip. Not only was she a HUGE help when I was busy with book things, she helped me keep my sanity when I started to stress out. Plus we had fun exploring SoCal and talking it up all weekend long!

The best moments of the trip, though, were two casual encounters with two pretty famous astronauts.

Both of these happened on the ride between Pasadena and LAX on the Super Shuttle.

First, on the way out to Pasadena, a group of three or so people were in the shuttle van with us. The woman in the group commented to a man in her party that Edgar had lost his cell phone. Poor Edgar I thought. I think she wanted the man to call it and help find it. They went to the same hotel as us and ended up in line with us to checkin. Andrea asked me if I thought they were going Spacefest too. I nosily eyed the luggage tag of the man who had lost his phone and saw his full name. Edgar Mitchell, as in the sixth man to walk on the moon. I whispered this to Andrea and then it was like what do we do? Do we say something? Do we let him go in front of us? Do we treat him like a regular person and wait his turn in line? We ultimately did nothing, opting to let him just be a regular guy and letting us just be in awe that at “regular” he seemed for someone who once walked around on the moon.

The second close encounter with an astronaut was on the ride back to LAX early Sunday morning. By early I mean, the shuttle van was picking us up at 5:15 a.m. The last passenger arrived after the rest of us had already piled in the van. I heard the driver at the rear of the car ask, “Last name Collins?” at which point Andrea and I looked at each other and mouthed, “Could it be? Collins? As in, Eileen Collins?” Sure enough, it was her. Once she as in the car, we let her know that we knew who she was and talked about why I was at Spacefest, about Bold They Rise, how the event was for her, etc. She was a delight to talk to and so down to earth. She even said she had wished she could’ve left her area and come to get my book and see my talk and get me to sign a copy. Maybe she was just being nice, but it was sweet and flattering all the same.


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