About Calluna

I’m a mom, writer, Christian, avid reader, music-lover, movie-goer, Bunco-player, lover of plays and shows, occasional sports fan, I knit and sew … and those just scratch the surface.

Why ‘Calluna?’ My real name is Heather, and Calluna is the scientific name for the plant Heather. Back when I first started blogging it was a convenient name that allowed me to be anonymous yet secretly true to self also.

Early in my career I was a newspaper reporter. My career took a different turn and over the last decade I’ve had awesome opportunities to write for really cool places like Target, NASA, the Army and a world-renown biotechnology research institute.

I co-authored the book Bold They Rise: The Space Shuttle Early Years, 1972-1986, which came out in 2014.

I spend most of my time working, volunteering, or doing things for and with my sons.

My blog is my think pad; it’s where I sort out how I really feel about something. If we were to have lunch sometime, the things in my blog are the kinds of things we might talk about. I enjoy sharing here about my kids, my faith, books I’m reading and pretty much anything else that I have something to say about.

Thanks for stopping by!

Updated 08.18.14

4 thoughts on “About Calluna

  1. Barbara Mason says:


    Every so often, I come to your blog and read your stories and I always enjoy them. It reminds me of the daily talks we would have at Target about kids, life, etc. By reading your blog occasionally, I feel like we haven’t missed a beat. You are a great writer as always and your stories are a good, fun read.

  2. Barbara Mason says:


    It is me again and I have just spent 15 minutes reading your blog and “peeking” into your life to see how and you the kids are doing. And, once again I must say how much I enjoy your blogs. It is great way for me to know how you are doing even when we do not have the chance to talk. Great reading material!

  3. I am also a proud Alabamian who occasionally spends some time in southern Indiana (because my wife’s parents are from there). Washington and Seymour, mostly.

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