Black & White

I love black and white photos. My iPhone photo apps make it easy to turn all my photos into black and white, which I’ve often done playing around with photos for my 365 photo-a-day project.

A few weeks ago I decided I wanted to dedicate an entire month to only black and white photos because I thought the calendar view on the site would look cool in all black and white photos.

Another month I want to do all black and white during the week and vivid color on the weekends.

So, my first two b&w photos of the month.


More Lovely Pictures

I took lots of love-ly pics as part of Valentine’s weekend and my 365 project nor my Valentine’s post could hold them all. So they’re getting their own post. Enjoy!

Twenty-Ten in Photos

My 365project is one of the most fun things I did in 2010. It was a fun project to share with David, even back when we were just friends, to be always on the look out for a photographic opportunity, and sometimes even shooting the same objects or event or at the same place but with our individual perspectives.

It was fun also because so many friends encouraged me — “Is that going to be for your photo a day thing?” friends would ask if they saw me taking a photo. Early in the year, I was self-conscious about taking photos for it, that someone might wonder why I was taking a picture of a slice of pizza or a stack of Mardi Gras beads or some restaurant fixture. I was also self-conscious about the project itself, that friends might think taking and sharing a photo a day was strange. And maybe some did, I don’t know. But overwhelmingly, people enjoyed it and got into it, from helping me frame my photos to commenting and/or “liking” them on Facebook to asking me about it when we got together.

As you can see, I wasn’t successful at posting a photo a day. I shot 264/365, so 101 photos shy of the goal.

I’m doing it again this year, so there’s more daily photo fun to follow!

March 365

This is the March calendar from my 365 project where I take and post a photo every day, from that day. I think it’s neat to see the snapshot of the whole month like this, seeing the mix of black & white shots with color and the various activities, places and moods that made up my month. This is the first month I’ve filled up the calendar — there were days in January and February that were left blank because either I didn’t take a photo that day or I didn’t like the ones I took. Over the days and weeks I’ve grown more in-tune to my settings, seeing photo opportunities everywhere, and also more accepting of posting a “bad” photo over no photo all.

All photos taken with my iPhone and edited with PhotoShop Mobile and/or CameraBag apps for iPhone.

46 Down, 300 or so to go

If you’re not following along with  my 365 project you’re missing out on some good photography, even if I do say so myself. (Wow, was that vain or what?!?)  Seriously, this project has been so much fun, especially when I end up with a photo I’m proud of. I’ve noticed that I’m thinking about things around me differently, seeing photo opportunities in everything, examining the use of light and angles and focusing on composition. I see things differently, recognizing photo opportunities in mundane things and being creative. The photo at the top, for example, was taken in the drive-thru at Captain D’s. Who knew such simplistic beauty could exist at fastfood fish place?

Some days it’s a struggle to find something, anything that will make an interesting photo. All day long I keep my eyes peeled, and I try to take photos throughout the day so at the end of the day I have some choices of what to use.

All of my photos are taken with my iPhone, and it’s been a little fun to play with a few photo editing apps on the phone to enhance my photos. I try to keep the editing to a minimum and really focus on using only the tools that will accentuate the technique(s) I used to get the photo, not recreate it or rob of it of my interpretation. That said, my favorite editing apps on the iPhone are Photoshop and Camerabag.

Here’s a few recent favorites and a couple never-before-seen rejects. Also check out David’s 365 project too since he’s the one who got me into this (and because he has some pretty decent photos himself.)

Camera Dilemma

iPhone camera vs. Sony Alpha DSLR A200

I have a great camera that I love. My Sony Alpha DSLR (digital single lens reflex) is wonderful. I know that it would take some great vacation photos this week.

I also have a pretty great camera in my iPhone (3GS even!). The iPhone doesn’t capture motion as well and in darker settings it doesn’t do as well, but in general, I could get by with the iPhone photos for most things. But therein lies the problem: most things, not all things. Not the Disney light parade or Cinderella’s castle at night, for example.

But what the iPhone lacks in quality it makes up for in convenience. The Sony Alpha is big and a tad bulky for a theme park, not to mention the fear that it will get stolen if we all ride something together and have to leave the camera in the stroller at the entrance to the ride. The iPhone is small enough to stay in my pocket while we ride.

So here I am, on Day 1 of vacation still undecided as to what to do. I know that taking the Sony creates added bulk, added responsibility, added fear of loss, but not taking it may mean missing out in photos I’d like to have that the iPhone just won’t do.

The choice is not really either/or but rather one or both. The iPhone will be coming regardless. It has other crucial functions and will not be left behind. So the decision to be made is, will it be enough? Which will I regret more? Lugging around a bulky, pricey camera, or not having the best camera for those hard to take photos? I already know the answer, just trying to convince myself it’s worth it I guess.