Book Review: As Silver Refined, Answers to Life’s Disappointments

I love Kay Arthur! I heard her speak a few years ago and it was like she was speaking directly to me. Such wisdom and depth and encouragement from someone who’s really been there.

The same is true for her books. I was excited to have the opportunity to review As Silver Refined: Answers to Life’s Disappointments because I was am looking for my own answers to the disappointing things in my life. The word picture of us as silver in the fire and God as our Refiner is beautiful. The opening chapter describes a Jewish metalurgist purifying the silver by inserting into the fire and letting the dross — the impurities — run off and having to sometimes turn up the fire to get to some of the more stubborn parts. I don’t know about you, but I can relate to being submitted to fiery situations and having all my impurities surface and then having the heat turned up on me again!

The book has goes into depth on several themes, however the two I most enjoyed were several chapters on meekness followed with a sincere look at what God’s sovereignty really means. I had never before delved into a study on meekness, but this part of the book captivated me. Meekness is often coupled with humility and may be seen as being passive or weak. It was easier for me to understand meekness when I looked at what it was not. “The opposite of meekness is not strength but rather lack of control, an untamed and unbroken wildness,” Arthur writes. Because meekness is a fruit of the spirit, to be meek is to respond in the spirit. If we’re not acting in meekness, we’re reacting in the flesh. To be meek is to act, not re-act. This hit me square between the eyes as something I am not but want to be and something that my fires have revealed. My lack of meekness is an impurity, dross, that has come oozing out when the flames have heated up.

As with any Kay Arthur book I’ve read, get ready to get into the Word and go deep. Don’t let that deter you from this book. In fact let that encourage you to read it. A deep look at meekness, sovereignty and courage may be just what you need!

I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review.