Why I Give

I give to the Hydrocephalus Association because when my 6-month-old son was diagnosed with hydrocephalus, or “water on the brain,” their web site and the free packet of info they sent me were extremely helpful during a very scary time. Every day there are parents receiving the same diagnosis we did who can turn to the Hydrocephalus Association for information, support, success stories, treatment options, and hope for a cure. In addition to providing informational materials to families affected by hydrocephalus, the association lobbies for additional research dollars to search for a cure and better treatment options. I give because they have helped me in the past, are helping other like me right now, and their support for research may come into play in my future if my son were to benefit from any of the research being funded right now.

I give to St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital because while working for Target several years ago I learned just what all St. Jude does for the patients and families affected by childhood cancer. Target supports St. Jude by carrying their wrapping paper and Christmas cards each holiday season. The art on the cards and wrapping papers are designed by St. Jude’s patients and are *so* cute! A portion of the proceeds goes back to the hospital. This year, Target is selling a limited edition Bullseye plush dog (pictured above) with 100% of money going to St. Jude’s. Target also has Target House where families can stay while children are undergoing treatment. It’s decked out very nicly with everything they need plus, to give them as much comfort as they can while away from home. Target workers volunteer to do things like plant flowers, clean up playgrounds, and clean the toy rooms (because keeping patients away from germs is very, very important at St. Jude’s).

I give to my local volunteer fire department because they will be the ones who will get here the quickest if we were to need their help with a fire or other emergency. My money goes to buy better equipment, which in turn will help keep mine and my neighbors home safe, and to buy safety equipment for the firefighters who volunteer their time to help their community.

What are your favorite charities, and why do you give?


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